sustainable gardening

                              good food begins here...

we've gotta care about from where we source our food. our bodies, minds, and spirits thrive when we feed ourselves real, healthy food. it is said that we are what we eat... i mean, who wants to be a cheetoh? wait. don't answer that. lol. but seriously. we live longer, more fulfilled lives when we eat the gifts given us by mother earth, instead of hyper-processed stuff that we don't yet know the full effect of consumption - on our bodies, or the planet.

the best way to eat real, healthy food is to grow it yourself. yeah. you can. he can. she can. we all can. no matter where we live or what our finances appear to be, we can all grow something. you can buy food-producing seeds and plants with snap/ebt benefits. you can grow fresh herbs and other fruits and veggies on your windowsill. we can all come together and build a community garden in open/abandoned spaces. which will lead to all sorts of sharing, healing, eating... ain't nothing wrong with that!

in this space, i share organic gardening articles, tips, workshops, courses, etc. anything that i can to encourage more of us growing our own. because there is nothing like going out to your garden, picking fresh produce and preparing it for your friends and family. it is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things i'm blessed to experience. it's not very difficult. it's less expensive. and it's better for the planet. win. win. come on, let's play in the dirt!