"grey matter" | marti

what i'm about to share with y'all is something quite special... it is said that apples don't fall far from the tree, so i can't say that i am surprised by the talent my [no longer] little girl possesses. but i cannot pretend that i wasn't thrown for a loop that she did this: an amazing 12 minute freestyle inspired by freddie gray's death while in custody of baltimore's police department. yes. i said 12 minutes. freestyle. about something.

with a voice that has a maturity beyond her twenty-something years, marti is an amazing soul. beautifully powerful inside and out, she did the damn thing with this one. i may be a little late sharing this here - it dropped last summer. doesn't make it any less relevant. and as i did promise other amazing stuff on this site, "grey matter" definitely falls into that category. enjoy!