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i'm a little late on the mother's day thing. but. it's better to share this wisdom now, than to wait until next year... that said, i've really thought a lot lately of my mother's impact on my life. i am thankful for her wisdom, her ways, her. she really taught me a lot in this life. even acknowledging her with the following re-post isn't enough to give for all that i've received. but it's a start.

and so. i am sharing a little something i wrote a while back for my former blog that shares its name with my first book, "all you need are seeds..." originally titled "seeing double", it's wisdom gained from my mother. i hope it reaches whomever needs it...

the second time presents a chance to do something different | photo credit:  sterte – via flickr/cc license

the second time presents a chance to do something different | photo credit: sterte – via flickr/cc license

“i know your kind. i’ve met your kind before.” this was one of my mom’s many catchphrases back in the day. she’d say it about just about everyone she’d come across. although i remember it mostly because of its catchiness, i couldn’t quite grasp what she meant by it. until now…

as an adult, with a child of my own, my mother’s wisdom in those two short sentences means an awful lot. i’ve come to know that everyone enters our lives for a reason. sometimes that reason is just to teach us a lesson about ourselves. sometimes it’s a bit more complex than that… but when presented with a lesson; often times, we don’t quite get ‘it’ the first time. or the second, for that matter. which makes it come back for another shot at really getting 'it'. other times, we get 'it' rather quickly. which makes them come back. yep. either way, they (and/or someone just like them) are coming around again…

when we didn’t get the previous lesson, their return offers the chance to recognize the opportunity to do something different. to handle ourselves and the situation better than we did before. to finally get the dang lesson! on the other hand, when we’ve received the lesson, these folks return as a test. yep. a pop quiz from the universe, of sorts, to see whether we really did get it. or were just damned good at pretending.

so when faced with that familiar energy. from that familiarly unfamiliar person… don’t blow the lesson. “you know their kind. you’ve met their kind before.” 

thanks mom.

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