Guess Whose Back?

So. Sometimes we all need a break, of some sort. Sometimes we just gotta get away from everyday bullshit so that we can focus on ourselves. Sometimes, we only need a few days. Other times... an entire summer. So.

That's where I've been. If anyone out there was wondering or maybe gave a few fucks about my disappearance... I've been with me. Exploring. Examining. Re-exploring. Re-examining. Taking an honest assessment of the woman I've become. Making lists. Checking them thrice. So much healing. So much releasing. And even more clarity.

And. In the midst of it all... In the whirlwind that has been my life for forty some odd years, I have found a peace within that I've never encountered before. Making the choice to choose me every single time it comes down to me or him, or them, or... Creating the life that I know I want. And can have.

Not the same woman who began this part of my journey so many years before. Not the same woman who went off-grid a few months back. Not the same woman...

Maybe you'll recognize me.