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Rachel M Walls

teen-mom, high school dropout, sustainable living & social good advocate, book & poetry writing, food obsessed, spirit following, reiki practicing, world traveling, outspoken professional bad ass.

featured in publications such as the mindful word, rebelle society, and psychology tomorrow. spitting soul stirring poetry on a stage near you.



"After a five year stint as an attorney in the city of my birth - Washington, DC, I chose to leave a life wholly misaligned with my authentic self during the summer of 2011. Magical is the only way to describe the journey that ensued - a synchronistic composition of once-in-a-lifetime healing experiences throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa - upon which, I've learned to live simpler, trust my spirit, and love myself unconditionally. I set out on this path believing that I would change the world. I was right... my world will never be the same. And for that, I am humbly grateful." 

bese saka

ghanaian. four sacks of cola nuts. a symbol of affluence, power, abundance, and unity.
represents the role of agriculture and trade in bringing people together...